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When people start to think about redesigning their houses, more thought goes into what they are going to change and precisely what color are they going to repaint, but most people give very little thought to how their building work will impact the environment. There is little question that people have been harming our planet with all the pollution as well as chemical substances we are adding to it every day. This is being revealed by global warming and weather patterns that are not normal. Everyone understands that recycling is one of the keys to helping save the planet, however don’t forget about wasting power as well. Taking this into account youll apt to be thinking, its impossible to use any kind of material without having a big impact on the planet.

By performing a little research before you begin and gathering the correct information, details and facts you can do your building work with very few negative effects on the earth.

redesigning housesOkay, now you have to understand that every single product we purchase will have an effect on the planet, and it could be just the energy sources used to carry the item, it’s small but it is an effect. Paints, glass, wood and also metal can all have a damaging effect on the earth, however, with some thought we can find Eco friendly substitutes which are just as effective.

Eco friendly substitutesA large problem, with regards to renovations that have a bad effect on both the earth and ourselves is the hazardous chemicals found in a large number of paints. Therefore, when choosing paints for your house, try and choose only latex paints which are made with a water base and very few if any dangerous toxins. Mainly because these types of paints don’t possess the harmful chemicals found in other paints, you will not be releasing these kinds of hazardous toxic gases and other toxins in to the air.

eco friendly paint When it comes to purchasing the wood for the job, which you will have to do, try to look for "local wood" meaning wood that has been farmed locally. This will have less effects on the environment due to the fact that less fuel is being used to carry the product. Furthermore seek out wood which contains the Forestry Stewardship Council logo, this suggests that this wood has less of a negative effect on the environment as compared to other woods. The Forest Stewardship Council is an organization which helps the environment by making sure people are not doing damage to forests around the globe.

Forest Stewardship CouncilFor the reason that various metals and even glass can easily be recycled you can’t really make a mistake when selecting these materials. The products will always remain resilient, no matter how many times they’ve been recycled. Instead of making metals and glass goods from raw materials, it takes a lot less energy and resources to merely recycle it. Of course once your in search of these kinds of products, you can find them with a “made from recycled material”  label upon them, this is actually the best material to get.

made from recycled materialYou also need to make sure you take a look at company who creates the items. Although the label may state that they are an eco-friendly business, many of these companies are just lying, so check them out.

By considering being environmentally friendly when you are remodeling your home, you won’t just be able to help your own personal health, but the planet will thank you also. Investing a little more money on these green materials might appear foolish to start with, but after you think of the total benefits, how could you refuse.
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