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Do you ever think about how much power you may be consuming? Are you the kind of individual that leaves the light turned on when you go out of the room, or switch it off? Majority of us do not think about how much power we use. They could have a television on the whole day, even without watching it, or the same with a radio. Are you the type who would have the heater set a few degrees warmer than you should have it? While you must have security lights switched on at night-time, there is no reason to have them on during the daytime.

how much power we useWe have to make a conscious effort to save energy as we are likely to waste it without giving it a second thought. Energy-efficient light builbs can easily be obtained but we have to decide to use them or not. A simple way to reduce your lighting you use is to allow natural sunlight during the day by leaving drapes open.

Numerous homes nowadays have skylights to let in more sunshine. In fact, Wal-Mart employs natural lighting in a number of their stores to reduce electrical use. Their power bill has come down greatly and they are also helping the planet.

skylightsYou can make use of alternative energy to create electricity. Lots of homes today are utilizing solar panels to power their home. This way, all of the power utilized in your home will originate from the sun. If there are times when there isn’t plenty of sunlight, you can switch back to regular electric power. There are individuals who are effectively utilizing wind power and water power to create electricity for their homes.

wind powerThere are also options to leaving porch lights on when you are not home. If you leave the lights switched on continuously for a considerable length of time, you will be wasting lots of electricity and polluting the earth. One option is to install solar lights along your driveway. Solar lights come in various sizes, such as tall lantern style, so the look is completely up to you.

These solar energy lights do not require any wiring so you can set them up wherever you need them. the lights store energy during the day in the sunlight and will automatically turn on when it gets dark. As soon as power runs out or the sun starts to rise, the lights turn off and they begin to collect energy.

solar lights along your drivewayYet another alternative is to utilize a motion light, which will simply turn on when there is movement. You’ll save on electrical energy since the light will only turn on when it is necessary instead of it being on day in and day out. When you utilize alternative energy, like wind or solar power, be sure to use energy-saving bulbs too.
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