Feb 252012

A lot of buildings are becoming more earth friendly if you believe the numerous featured stories in the newspapers about builders making modifications to the way they really build. If builders are doing this, it made me think that we can all more earth friendly inside our homes. Are there actually homes that you know that could be considered to be eco friendly? In reality, for a home to be completely friendly to the environment may take a significant outlay.
Home Environmentally FriendlyRegarding why we choose to go green, well, that will be based on people’s situations. Since greener living is based on a more naturally sourced way of life, it is sensible for households where anyone suffers from allergies. But going green can be a great deal of hassle, so why do people continue to to do it? As the costs are high, any monetary gain can be ruled out as a reason. Just an awareness of a few of the chemical substances that are found in dwellings can be a good enough reason to decide to live green. Poisonous gas released by vinyl linoleum is surely not healthy or earth friendly.

Linoleum itself doesn’t give off these gases but it’s tough to find just linoleum itself. Many products in your home will give off gases which are deadly because of what they’re made of and the chemical processes they undergo. By searching online or taking care in supermarkets, you can find more environmentally friendly items.
environmentally friendly itemsNaturally, we can all recycle our trash and this is also great for the Earth. That’s items like bottles that are plastic, metal cans and paper products. Many towns and cities have specified rules for recycling waste, so if you abide by their guidelines, you can help the planet. Just buy some containers to put your metal, plastic and paper in and then dispose of them in recycling areas or with the special bags your council provides. You can go green when it comes to decorating your home too. Stay away from paints with VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds. Latex paint is a good choice as there is no detrimental chemical that comes from it.

Latex paintTo be really earth friendly, there are numerous household items you could check out. Almost all of the huge appliance producers have some kind of earth friendly selection. If for for any reason you are concerned  about saving water, there are clothes washers and dishwashers now being sold that use less. We all are interested to bring down our water bills and a toilet can also be made to use up less water.

How about an environmentally friendly oven or other household electrical items. To check the earth friendly status of a product, there is a star rating system to guide you.

star rating systemMaking your household more eco friendly can be a difficult and sometimes a costly undertaking, however in the long run you will profit from cheaper bills, better heath and you’ll be contributing towards a healthier environment for the next generations.
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