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The more we count on fossil fuels, the more we can expect to find our environment damaged by its effects. It’s crucial that things begin changing very soon and one of the best ways to start out is with cars. Auto manufacturers have begun to make eco friendly cars in an effort decrease the detrimental consequences of fuel emissions.

eco friendly carsA car that is battery powered could might be the vehicle that causes the least harm on the environment. Because it is battery powered means has no need for diesel or gasoline.

Sounds excellent as it doesn’t need petrol, so money will be saved and it’s environmentally friendly which is fantastic, but there is a downside. Although they are available now, due to being a recent development, the car engines are limited. After running around 100 miles, you have to be ready to give the battery another charge.

electric-carStill one option available is a hybrid vehicle. They use both a battery and gas and are not harmful to the environment. So if you would like to know, this is how this type of vehicle operates in practical terms. In the beginning, the vehicle uses battery power. When the hybrid gets to a specific speed, it shifts to using gas, which gives the car lots of of power for the highway. The nice thing about the hybrid using gas is that the battery is charged up automatically, which means you don’t have to charge the battery yourself with an outside electrical source.

hybrid vehicleThere is also another kind of cars, called plug-in hybrids. The way plug-in hybrids operate is similar to the other type of hybrid vehicles and they don’t pose a danger to the environment. The plug-in hybrid vehicle does, however, have to be manually recharged whereas this is an automatic function of the typical hybrid vehicle. In comparison to standard cars, you will find hybrid cars are superb for fuel efficiency.

PriusToyota has produced a hybrid car, called the Prius, that does roughly 50 miles a gallon, which is really nice. It costs more or less $22,000 and is today one of the market leaders. Toyota is not the only car maker who is selling hybrids, though; Honda developed the ‘Insight’ and in fact this vehicle was the first hybrid vehicle to be released to consumers. Honda’s hybrid was not received in the same manner as Toyota’s Prius but it opened the consumer market for hybrid vehicles.

There’s also the Ford Fusion Hybrid which has received numerous accolades and can be had for roughly $27,000. In America, it has been bestowed the accolade of being the leading hybrid car on the market. Mitsubishi has come up with the ‘i-MiEV’, which boasts of absolutely no emissions. The car company became among the firs auto manufacturers to create an electric automobile in Japan.

Ford Fusion HybridAs technology sees further improvements and the market gets bigger we can expect to see a lot more options for consumers in the hybrid and eco friendly car market.
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