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For individuals who are old enough to remember, living green used to be the norm. Now that people can buy processed frozen foods, which they can prepare in their microwave, they no longer consume organic foods. For those who can recall, nearly everyone had some kind of garden or they shopped at the local farmer’s market. Now people need to examine the labels of foods just to see what is in it. People started gardening as a means to provide food for their families, and to ensure they stacked away the excess foods for the winter months when they could not grow their food. "Take what you want, but eat up what you take" was a slogan people truly lived by, and any extra food was recycled and put in the garden for plant sustenance.

garden foodChemical substances were not used on gardens, and manure was the basic food for the plant. Numerous gardens would grow sufficient amounts food not just for the family growing them but also enough to divvy up with the family across the road.

Those were the times when people knew their neighbors, and sharing with each other was something that people did. I am certain you have heard of pesticides and chemical based fertilizers; well, back then people never even heard of these terms. Today these pesticides are killing the planet by eliminating the essential nutrients that plants need to grow.

pesticidesOne thing you may want to ask yourself is, how many of diseases right now are set off by these chemical substances, which also take away a lot of the nutrients from our foods. Most people are not excessively worried until it is their own health or their family’s health on the line. Because poor health is becoming normal for most of the population, more people are becoming concerned about the food they consume. When fruits and veggies are raised organically, they have been found to contain a good deal more nutrients in them.

fruits and veggiesIf you have heard about living green but never believed it something for you, maybe it is time that you checked it out. With so many health conditions, it is time for the people of the world to think about what they do. With traditionalist medication setting off all kinds of side effects, alternative health care is something many people are turning to. You could start off by growing or purchasing organic foods. Living a green life with organic gardening can be a way to mend ourselves, and help heal the Earth.

One way to help save our planet from chemical substances and pesticides is if a greater number of people kept their own organic gardens. Organic plant foods that can be put on the ground are manure and the garden’s waste. Using food leftovers to add to the land is a fantastic way to maintain the nutrient level of your soil. By avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, you can be secure in the fact that you are not causing harm to wildlife or the health of your family. Nutrient rich food will be one reward of making use of organic fertilizers. In addition, by starting your own organic garden, you will be helping to lower the detrimental effects on the planet associated with chemical substances.

organic _ fertilizersWhen poisonous pesticides are utilized, the area have to be avoided for some time. Now if inhaling these poisonous fumes are dangerous to your health, what about the chemicals which are contained in the food that you take in? Organic gardeners who decline to use chemical substances never have to keep away from where they grow the food. Gardeners who live where the food is being grown have an incentive to practice the organic system, which is safety and personal health. You can grow extremely nutritious foods and help to stop pollution by employing organic gardening methods.
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