Jan 292012

Ecological CrisisThe world remains on its path of devastation, with weather problems, nuclear power plant troubles, on top of indifference in the individuals. Our planet is headed to its sorry end, unless its people, including all of us, wake up today. Our troubles include a growing population, corruption in the government, and insidious chemicals spewing into the air. What we should do right now is for all of us to considerl iving green.

pollutionMany of us do not actually have no idea what living green is all about. Whatever actions that make a positive impact on the earth is considered as green living. When we do this, we can keep our world in check for the future generation. The main aim of green living is to preserve an ecological balance. When we live green, we can eliminate dangerous toxins. Green living’s main aim is to make the planet a better place to live for humans, and keeping it that way.

china_air _pollutionThe balance of nature has been overturned again and again, until there is only so much to be concerned about. There are many places in the world where water is diminishing. These days we live in a concrete jungle, with the elimination of numerous forests and trees, that there are hardly any trees or plants around. There is so much pollution, and the air is so filthy, that when commuting from one place to another, it is difficult to travel the distance without being filthy on arrival.

switch to a green lifestyleOur children or grandchildren will live in a world where oil or trees are no longer around and the earth would fall apart. Each day, our planet is confronted with many ecological crises but everyone seems to be pushing it aside.

Numerous people’s lives are being threatened by the many serious natural calamities in recent times. Our world is struggling to deal with the environmental problems, global recession and fiscal crisis. Every day money is being expended on trivial things while crucial issues are being neglected. What about the our planet, or protecting nature, or persuading people to switch to a green lifestyle.

follow a green way of life.What steps do we need to take so we can start living green. Can team up and save water, consume less electrical energy and plant more trees. Are people mostly cleaning up the environment and make it better for tomorrow?

Is every individuals on the planet doing their best to lessen pollution? Is the number of individuals who are living green enough to protect our succeeding generations? There is not a lot of time remaining so we have to move right away to follow a green way of life.

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