Aug 172012

There continues to be a two-party system of politics in the United States for a long time. There are actually less significant parties, and one of those is the Green Party, but they never elect anyone. As men and women become more serious about the environment, the Green Party has been growing in popularity. The Green Party is a political ideology, which tries to attain its goals of environmental and green issues, through choices made by grassroots participation. They also spend time on other social concerns and believe in fixing many issues with peace and non-violence.

Green PartyThe Green Party has founded their four pillars on principles that have been around a long time. Their 1st pillar is that ecology is a lot more than choosing paper or plastic. It is a concept that requires that we all work together as a global group.

The next pillar is the ending to racial, class, gender and cultural discrimination. They have a solid believe that the government should be at a local level with every citizen being an active participant. The final pillar is certainly the believe that non-violence is the key element to life and not turning to violence when being threatened.

Green PartyThe Green Party modeled their belief system on early Americans including the Quakers and from great spiritual leaders like Gandhi. Their purpose is to be better World neighbors and work together with other cultures to overcome differing beliefs. American Christians have a way of dealing with those that have religions that they refute. Most democracies surely have a Green Party of some kind already established. Green Parties have appeared throughout the modern world over the past thirty years in locations like Norway, South Africa, Canada and many others.

Green Party Sadly, the culture of the United States Of America, has made the establishment of the Green Party a challenging thing. The majority of people who hate other groups of people are in the United States. They have announced war on religions, races, beliefs, nations, and even some incredibly inconsequential practices. It is quite difficult for America to help bring peace to the world if the majority of men and women are angry bigots. Even so, the Green Party has a solid belief in non-violence for all problems, so no matter what transpires, we would never ever go to war.

Green Party The platform of the Green Party is a vision for our nation that comes from a eco-social analysis. Every level of the Green Party is accountable and has input distinct from the two other primary parties. Every individual should have a say in their life, rather than the deals created by power-brokers.

The beliefs and principles of the Green Party are quite organic; always evolving and growing. It is determined by very strong democratic basic principles and has a strong obligation to positive change. Their essential principles are greatly conveyed in their Ten Key Values document. These ideas are the guidelines to which they can help cease the waste of our natural resources, to halt exploitation and to eliminate destructive competition.
Jill Stein For President Announcement Speech

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