May 112012

Hot water heaters are usually huge electrical hogs or fuel hogs, and this depends on the kind of energy you use to create your hot water. I am sure that you’re also aware that these costs go up for larger families as a result of a bigger demand of hot water.  Unfortunately, many people have never had an option of saving money on their hot water heaters because there was never an alternative source for hot water, up to now.  Right now you have options for heating your hot water and cutting your energy costs, and in this post will be looking at one of these alternatives.

solar hot water heatersOne of the greatest things about building your own solar water heater is the fact that you’ll have the ability to save up to 33% off of your electric bill or fuel bill.  I should not have to mention that this sort of savings can end up being rather large for the majority of family’s. 

If you are like many other men and women who rely on electricity to get your hot water, you may already understand that a typical electric bill can be roughly $200.  If this is the case in your house you should recognize that the savings you’ll have each and every month with your own solar water heater can be about $70.00. In a matter of a year this can in fact end up saving you about 2 paychecks or $800.

hot water heatersOne of the best things relating to this program is that they can teach you how to create your own solar water heater for about $70.00.  And as I am sure you’ve already figured out this price is approximately how much you will end up saving on electricity in your first month.  And due to the low cost of setting this up there’s no reason that every person shouldn’t be doing this.

hot water heatersYou ought to also keep in mind that not only will you be saving money on your electric or fuel bill, but you’ll also be conserving our resources.  Our planet is in such dire condition that every little thing individuals can do to help can actually end up making a huge difference. 

This is just one of the ways that men and women can get started living a greener life while saving cash at the very same time.  At this point you ought to understand that a solar water heater has multiple benefits as it not only helps the planet but it ends up helping you save a lot of cash simultaneously.

solar hot water heaters save moneyThe founder of this program, Tom Hayden, wanted to make sure that was affordable for everyone so he’s offering the program $29.99.  That’s the price if you simply want to get the one guide on how to build your own solar water heater, nevertheless he does have a 12 package deal that he’s selling for 39 99.  Whether you pick the single program or perhaps the 12 package deal you are also going to understand that there’s a satisfaction guarantee for either program. Tom believes in this system so much that he offers everyone 60 days to  ask for refund if they are not  satisfied for  any reason.
Solar Water Heater

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