Aug 252012

With the overall economy being how it is, I have found it rather funny that every thing keeps getting more expensive. Whatever the economy, the expense of energy is always going to go up year after year. The one thing that has been helping individuals to save money on rising energy costs would be the utilization of solar power to supply electricity for their homes. If you’ve been pricing out solar power panels you know exactly how expensive it can be to invest in just one panel. This is why we have made the decision to check out the Green Do It Yourself Energy program as a way to cut costs by building your own solar panels.

Green Do It Yourself Energy programThis program is merely a method to teach people how to construct their own solar panels and conserve huge amounts of cash in the mean time.

I am not sure if you remember but in 2007, people were paying over 1,000 to just buy and have installed, just one single solar panel. The price of buying these units and having them hooked up has almost certainly risen since then. But you will not have to pay that as this program shows you how to put together your own, and you can even build your own solar panel for under $200. If you are one of those people that don’t mind shopping around for materials you can in fact end up building 1 panel for less than $100.

solar panel costThis program comes with resources on where you can wind up purchasing the cheapest parts to build your panels as well as some free ways to get some of the supplies you need. On there website you are going to even find a testimonial right from a 12 year old that constructed his very first solar panel. Of course, if a 12 year old can get it done there is no reason why anybody should have any difficulty doing it.

Green DIY Energy SystemThe actual course itself is supplied in 3 components. The beginning is the DIY Guide which explains solar power, how it works and also includes the step by step procedure for creating solar energy. Then inside the next guide you will learn the whole step by step process of how to build these solar panels. You will learn how to construct the solar panel box and it goes straight through to hooking up the solar cells. The 3rd guide covers setting up the solar panels and also the electrical wiring plans for hooking up multiple solar panels together and also how to use various batteries to store the extra electricity.

Green DIY Energy SystemBut they even wanted to ensure your pleased with the program and so they even chucked in 2 bonuses. You are going to most definitely enjoy the first bonus as it is a video guide of just how to create your solar panels. There are plenty of individuals out there that can accomplish anything once they see someone else do it, making this a very helpful bonus.

Just in case your feeling a tad bit more adventurous, the next bonus shows you how to put together your own wind turbine. In short, for any person looking to get into making use of solar energy and save money this really is a good program to learn from.
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